30 Companies with Famous Brand Slogans & Taglines | Adobe

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The Ultimate Guide to Finally Starting Your Blog | Adobe Spark

If you’re ready to make a difference by starting your own blog but have been putting it off, this simple, 8-step plan will get you far beyond the dry-off stage. In fact, if you take it one task at a time, following the directions below, you’ll be a bonafide, monetization-ready blogger.

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branding | Adobe Spark

Ready, Set, Launch: Every Piece of Content You Need to Get an Idea off the Ground So you have a killer idea. You’ve done a ton of research about your target…

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Facebook Groups: How to Build a Robust Online Community

We all know that Facebook can be a rowdy place, even when people have the best of intentions. To stave off potential drama, consider your community guidelines before starting a group. Community guidelines let people know how they can behave and they provide safe structure for all your members to engage.

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Go Back to School with Adobe Spark: Everything You Need to

Gone are the days of dull reports, ho-hum assignments, and sleep-inducing presentations. Whether you’re collaborating on a big group project or simply need to create a school poster, Spark injects creativity into every assignment and makes homework feel a little more like play. Plus we’re hooking you up with built-in templates and starting points that teachers and students can use from

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How to Write an Effective LinkedIn Headline in 2020

LinkedIn has long since solidified its reputation as the go-to platform for both job seekers and companies looking to hire their next top talent. Therefore, it stands to reason that no matter the stage you’re at in your career, the ability to write an effective LinkedIn headline that captures the attention of potential recruiters, hiring managers or clients alike is a highly beneficial skill.

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30 Companies with Famous Brand Slogans & Taglines | Adobe

Believe it or not, this memorable slogan was reportedly created off the cuff by a restaurant manager at the then promising little fast food chain in the 1950s. As the story goes, KFC’s founder, Harland Sanders would often appear in the company’s early ads, eating a plate of fried chicken in the background of a scene.

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How to Create Branded Stories in Adobe Spark | Adobe Spark

In Spark Post iOS, simply toggle off the brand setting that appears after you hit the plus button to create unbranded graphics. On the web, create TK. Some Helpful Things to Know. You can turn off branded surfaces. Your projects will still retain your colors and fonts, but you can decide when and where your logo shows up.

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Go Back-to-School with Adobe Spark: 9 Assignments to Kick

It’s that time of year again we start trading flip flops for fresh school supplies, so we turned to Dr. Monica Burns, a Curriculum and EdTech Consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator and Founder of to get her tips on how teachers can start the year on a Spark-ly note.

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How Often to Post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and

While quality content is the most important ingredient when it comes to consistent growth in your social media communities, knowing when and how often to post is essential to making sure you reach your audience. We scoured the web and tapped experts for the latest data and thinking on when to post to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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15 Things to Share if You Want to Make a Difference

Successful changemakers know that when nonprofits keep their communities and donors informed and engaged, people keep them in their hearts, minds, and financial giving plans. We’re kicking off the charitable giving season on this #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media, by celebrating the ways nonprofits communicate with impact on social media.

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