Beyond Virtual Happy Hours: 10 Remote Team-Bonding Ideas

Source: YouTube Donut is a Slack app that "builds trust and forms friendships for even the most distributed teams by making it easy to launch virtual coffee or group lunches, encourage peers to meet for learning opportunities, and build important internal networks for new hires.". Basically, Donut connects random employees inside Slack and encourages them to meet (virtually or in real life) at

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Event Promo Codes: How to Boost Event Registrations

Take a look at how CoinDesk pulled this off: Note: Early bird prices could also be issued with a unique ticket type. Partner Promotions. A partner promotion is a joint venture of sorts. Basically, your company joins forces with a separate business, they help market your event to their following, and you reward them for their service in some way

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Bizzabo Blog: Inspiring Content for Event Professionals

Welcome to your virtual event production guide for 2020 and beyond. Discover what AV production looks like for a virtual event, why you might want AV support, and how to align with your AV team.

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Four Examples Of Event Sponsorship Promotion Done Right

Since a significant amount of an event’s revenue is attributed to its sponsors, sponsorship can often make or break an event’s success. As an organizer, it is your responsibility to foster a strong relationship with your sponsors and to provide them with enough value to convince them to partner with your event in the future.

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10 Steps for Creating a Great Event Marketing Plan

The marketing team for Zoomtopia are well aware of the "convince your boss" pain point and to create a more frictionless buying process, they attached a pre-drafted letter that employees could send to the relevant decision makers to help convince them to sign off on the event registration.

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SnapChat For Events and Conferences

Here’s where it gets creative: the coupons ranged from 10% to 100% off, and since the coupon self-destructs after 10 seconds, recipients couldn’t open it until they bought their next yogurt at a 16 Handles shop. The online coupon is then opened and presented at time of purchase where customers finally discover the value of their coupon.

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20 Houston Event Venues Your Attendees Will Love

Looking to plan an event in Bayou City? Check out this list of 20 amazing Houston event venues. Thanks to brothers Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen, Houston was founded in 1836 on the banks of the Buffalo Bayou, the same body of water that gives us the Texas city’s nickname.

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8 of the Biggest Event Marketing Mistakes That Brands Have

Making mistakes is a normal and expected part of life, but what happens when marketers make event mistakes that go viral for all the wrong reasons? From lackluster product reveals to hefty legal fines, check out this list of 8 event marketing gaffes.

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17 | Alyson Griffin, Intel: Augmented Reality Butterflies

USING EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES FOR MARKETING: Something important for Alyson is the ability to use emerging technology for marketing campaigns. The team created a number of experiential marketing campaigns that leverage AR including a VR activation showcasing their SnotBot for ecological research, gamifying augmented reality butterflies at a large retail trade show, and Intel’s Tech Learning

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