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New Facebook Coupon Feature Helps Local Businesses

Facebook recommends providing a discount of at least 20% off or more for the best performance. A Thumbnail: You can also upload an image with your offer, which is displayed with the offer text as a 90 x 90 pixel thumbnail. For best results, upload a square image that won't get cropped when Facebook resizes it to fit the thumbnail.

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Why Coupons Work [Infographic]

And online couponing is only going up -- the use of online coupons has increased 13% since 2011. To learn more about the data behind customer spending and the value of coupons in digital campaigns, check out this infographic from Creative Guerrilla Marketing. Originally published Oct 2, 2014 12:00:00 PM, updated February 01 2017

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Facebook Now Testing Offer 'Coupons' for Ecommerce Sites, Too!

But when Macy's rolled out the very first Facebook Offer last month with a 25% off discount for purchases over $100, more than 41,000 claimed the coupon, according to Practical eCommerce. When it does roll out, ecommerce companies and businesses with online stores will be able to create coupons that can be redeemed by customers online. You

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How to Give Your Audience the 5-Star Treatment With

But there's nothing wrong with, say, giving your fans and followers a network-specific coupon code so they can save a few bucks! 2) Access to Up-to-the-Minute Information Watch any local news commercial and you'll see them leveraging this technique -- you have to watch their network if you want to be part of the group that will "hear it first!"

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In-Store Business Advertising: Targeted and Trendy or

In-Store Beacons – These are little sensors that use Bluetooth technology to send messages and coupons to a customer’s smartphone. The content sent to one’s mobile device in this manner is often effective because it is relevant and is information or an incentive that can be used right then and there.

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Facebook Updates Cover Photo Guidelines to Allow Calls-to

By allowing calls-to-action in your Facebook cover photos, marketers can now include links to specific offers such as ebooks, coupons, webinars, free gifts, applications, and the like. For example, if you're hosting an event, you could include a promotional event photo and clearly write a call-to-action prompting Facebook users to register

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40 Ways to Get Banned From the Top 5 Social Networks

Seriously! You have to actually know the people you connect with on LinkedIn, or they can boot ya right off! 2) Posting copyrighted content to forums. Whether it's your LinkedIn Group, LinkedIn Company Page, or on LinkedIn Answers, you can't publish information that violates others' intellectual property rights.

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How Businesses Can Increase Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Still others are on the fence, presumably only doing it if the offer is right. It makes sense -- some businesses pull off the incentivized recommendation really well, while others struggle. I was at Starbucks yesterday, in fact, and saw a promotion that asked me to recommend Starbucks, and in return, they would make a charitable donation.

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How to Create an Email Newsletter Campaign in 10 Steps

Special deals, coupons; Company announcements; Upcoming events, upcoming webinars; The content you include in your newsletter should direct people back your website and shoud incite them take some specific type of action. Each article should include a call to action and a link that sends the recipient back to your website.

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45+ Best AdSense-Optimized WordPress Themes for 2020

Get 20% discount with our coupon code SourceWP20. 44. Unoblog. Unoblog is a modern WordPress design for serious bloggers, if you are looking for a professional grid layout based design for your blog, this is the theme you need. It's a responsive, super quick SEO friendly WordPress design with a 3 column grid based layout.

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