Poetry Submissions: Top Places To Submit Your Poems in 2020

Composing compelling poetry requires writers to dig deep and unlock their knack for creative expression. It’s not an easy task, and while your ultimate goal might be to see your poems on the pages of literary magazines, the thought of getting the submission process going — and putting your poetry in the way of potential rejection — might feel a little daunting.

Actived: Wednesday Jul 8, 2020


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Alex Pilgrim's Short Story Submission

“Coupons”, you exclaim, and Vivian looks up, absentmindedness in her brows giving you a temporary halt, and then you smile and wave the coupons in front of her face. She lights up. She smiles to you. Your smile hurts your face but you smile back. She puts a finger in the sauce and raises it towards you, and you accept it in your mouth.

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Mike Olsen's Short Story Submission

“Listen, you asked for my advice. I’m telling you, I have a sixth sense about females. This one is giving off some turquoise and white waves, man. You can’t go wrong with the classics. Okay, I’ve said my piece. You do with it as you wish. I’m meeting up with some of my people tonight, don’t wait up. Love ya, bro. Be good.”

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Tiffany Allan's Short Story Submission

When Rebecca was a teenager, she had stolen money and jewellery off her mother, and Megan had pretended she had misplaced it. Now that Rebecca was a fiancée she took from her mother in other ways. She ridiculed Megan in front of Ben about her coupons and her kindness, and then called in tears when Ben’s own kindness ran dry. “Well.

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Ivy Moonlit – Reedsy Prompts

“Ima go check the mail Jake, be back in a minute!” I heard an okay from the shower, grabbed the keys and went downstairs. I headed to our mailbox and flipped through the mail. Newspapers, fliers, some coupons making me want to drag Jake on another date. We don’t go out as much now that we live together.

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Nicole Escorial's Short Story Submission

You were one pouring human cascade the night I first met you. I was 12, and you were 11. Out on your porch under the glow of the December waxing moon, you looked so fragile.

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Jaime Toscano's Short Story Submission

In there, she had six credit cards, some dollars, coupons, a lot of coupons, tissues, a small notepad and a penand maybe more. Then imagine the purse, if the wallet was so stuffed! There was the fat wallet, her checkbook, two packs of gumand also her hair pick, fifteen keys on one chain, a pad of paper, pepper spray, lipsticks, six

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Sonali Sinha's Short Story Submission

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Christine Hungerford's Short Story Submission

The woman responded demandingly, “You better!” and took the coupons, scanned them and then tossed them in a trashcan I saw in front of her. “Thank you.” Seeing her nod after I had slid the credit card into the slot for the machine to take my money yet again, I then had taken it out at the second beep, announcing, “Okay, Conner, ready?”

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