9 Reasons To Start A Blog (And 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't)

With the rise of social media and influencer culture, it seems like blogging has reached its peak. No longer limited to niche hobbies, almost everyone has a blog now in some form or another. For those of you who haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, blogging has its many attractions. But the truth is, your level of success depends on why and what you’re blogging for.

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10 Best WordPress Membership Plugins For 2020

Paid Member Subscriptions is a lightweight, but still flexible, WordPress membership plugin that comes in both a free version at, as well as two premium versions that tack on a bunch of extra features (without breaking the bank).. The free version gives you access to a good amount of functionality, which makes it a great entry-level membership option for those on a budget.

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8 Best WordPress Giveaway And Contest Plugins For 2020

Wishpond is similar to ShortStack, in that it’s not a WordPress plugin but enables embedding your giveaway on your blog. But where it differs, is that as well as handling contests, it can handle all the email marketing for your business too. Wishpond also lets you create beautiful landing pages for your promotions and social media contests.

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7 Best Social Media Contest Tools For 2020

There is no better way to increase engagement, followers, and brand loyalty than with social contests. And for business owners and marketers, it can help with sales and the growth of your business. A social contest is a promotion aimed at your social media audience. These promotions can rapidly grow your email list in a short time and build brand awareness by allowing you to reach a new and

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5 Ways To Build An Engaged Community On Social Media

Customers are one thing - but communities are on another level. When your customers form communities, you’ve pretty much got a dedicated and loyal band of followers on your hands who are yours to lose. These are customers who will sing your praises, share your content and buy all your latest products. Sounds exciting, huh?! The problem is that building a community isn’t easy.

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5 Best Analytics And Statistics Plugins For WordPress In 2020

First off, the free version will help you actually set up Google Analytics tracking by helping you add the asynchronous Google Analytics code. It will also let you exclude certain user roles from showing up in Google Analytics reports, which is great for ensuring your own visits don’t muck up your stats.

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60 Blog Post Ideas For Businesses In 2020

CreditCards by helps you save money by finding the best deals and coupons for credit cards. One of their credit card types is a student credit card and on their blog they looked at the pros and cons. For product-based or app-based companies you can definitely use this type of blog topic idea for your blog. 35. Do a series on one topic

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6 Best Platforms For Creating & Selling Online Courses (2020)

It’s no secret that the e-learning industry is booming. Thanks to modern technology, learning in 2020 is no longer consigned to the classroom - education has now moved into the digital space. And with the demand for online education at an all-time high, there’s a lot of money to be made for those willing to share their skills and knowledge with the public. But just having the knowledge isn

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9 Best WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugins For 2020

First off, you can get the Autolinker extension for $49. It lets you automatically link keywords you use in your posts. So you could set it to automatically add an affiliate link to “SiteGround” every time you mention it (of course – you can also set limits so you don’t have 30 outbound affiliate links in one post!).

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The Complete Guide To Planning, Creating And Delivering

You’ve heard it countless times. If you want to grow your email list faster, you need to offer your readers an incentive to join your email list. In the marketing world, we call these incentives “lead magnets.” But the process of creating a lead magnet that converts, and delivering it to your readers isn’t that easy. And the unfortunate truth is that most lead magnets fail to convert

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