The Ratings Game

In the 1980s, bonds were paid off in full, coupons and principal, while bank loans were eventually renegotiated and reduced in value at the insistence of the creditors’ governments. After 1989

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Life Without Advance Refunding Andrew Kalotay Andrew

As an illustration of the unde rperformance of par bonds, consider two 10 -year bonds, with coupons of 3% and 5%, when the 10-year rate is 3% . The …

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Does the government subsidize low-wage employers

The wage supplement offered by the EITC and the price discount implicit in a daycare subsidy make it feasible for some parents to work who would otherwise be better off remaining at home.

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Ten challenges in the prescription drug market—and ten

Sometimes drug companies offer coupons to cover the higher co-pays, undoing the incentive. Manufacturers can then run a clinical trial on a small off

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Credit Rating Agencies In the Crosshairs

The bar they set was, after all, very low: not whether the bond was a good investment or accurately priced, but whether it was likely to pay out its coupons and principal on schedule.

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Striking a balance: Drug prices, profits and incentives

Striking a balance: Drug prices, profits and incentives for innovation. Michael Ng, Jeffrey Cheng, Louise Sheiner, and David Wessel Tuesday, June 4, 2019. This is a summary of a conference

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Still in ruins: Reviving the stalled reconstruction of Gaza

This estimate is based off the assumption that all pledges will be met. Given the slow trickle of donor funds, this projected completion seems unlikely. Number of units that received funding

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DRUGS-2018/02/16 ANDERSON COURT REPORTING 706 Duke Street, Suite 100 Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone (703) 519-7180 Fax (703) 519-7190 1 THE BROOKINGS INSTITUTION

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Coupons offered by drug companies to consumers interfere with Manufacturers can then run a clinical trial on a small off-label use, prove effectiveness, gain orphan status, and raise price

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Covering politics in a “post-truth” America

Soon to be followed by those pages and pages of Macy’s ads and supermarket coupons. But hundreds of reporters and editors were still showing up at …

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Why policymakers should fear Libra

Why policymakers should fear Libra. This op-ed was originally published by Project Syndicate. Facebook’s new global digital currency, Libra, which the company plans to …

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Pyongyang, because Pyongyang is essentially off limits for nonessential personal travel for most cases. There are exceptions, but not that many. People still had rationing coupons, but they

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Are Obama and Ryan proposals for an EITC expansion pro- or

FMNP specifically provides WIC participants with coupons to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets Though Ryan describes these programs as ineffective, many of them provide valuable

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