10 Important Statistics Your Company Needs to Know …

8. 55% of Consumers Receptive to Email Marketing Prefer Money-Off Deals. Even more popular than free shipping and loyalty rewards, consumers want a price deduction before anything else. This means that consumers are drawn to a price reduction, but this shouldn’t negate the effectiveness of offering free shipping. 9.

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Everything You Need to Know to Run a Successful SMS

Typically, you’ll see brands doing a percent off or dollar off coupons to save a few bucks. In the early stages of your SMS campaign, as you’re building your list, starting with a low value offer (say up to $20 off) can really help drive opt-ins and spark your initial list growth.

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How to Rock Your Back-to-School Sales and Marketing

Once in a store, about 33 percent of shoppers will be actively searching for coupons while perusing the aisles. In addition to finding coupons online, more parents are actually buying their kid’s school supplies online too. This year, e-commerce is expected to jump 15.3 percent and account for roughly 7.9 percent of back-to-school sales.

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How to Convert Free Opt-in Trial Users into Paying …

With PayKickstart, you can create coupons to offer your free trial users a discounted price for the first month. To create a sense of scarcity, you can also set the end date for your discount to work and market it as a limited-time offer. 5. Mind your CTA placement.

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How McDonald's Handles Thousands of Social Mentions …

Rick Wion, Director of Social Media at McDonald's, joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to talk to us about McDonald's social media monitoring strategy, how his team handles millions of social mentions per day, what they've done create so many positive brand advocates, and, of course, whether the McRib will make an appearance again this year.

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4 Extra Features Your Mobile Responsive Site Needs

Consider what your consumers prioritize (e.g. coupons, inventory info, store hours, etc.) and give it to them. When they land on your page, they should feel empowered, in control, and productive. Help them make their lives easier, and they will return the favor by returning to your site—hopefully, to make a …

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A Simple Way to Test Your Customer Experience – Content

If you can pull off a seamless customer journey you will make some raving fans #CX Click To Tweet. I like the benefits, I like the coupons. It's kind of like why we're loyal to an airline or a hotel, because we like the points. I also really like that in the retail environment, and will often show up just because of a …

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Not Tracking Social Media ROI is Your Fault

Not Tracking Social Media ROI is Your Fault. Jay Baer is the founder of Convince & Convert, a Hall of Fame keynote speaker and emcee, host of the award-winning Social Pros podcast, and the author of six books including Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth. Last week, Susan Etlinger from Altimeter Group

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Building a T-Shirt Empire One Instagram at a Time

Yeah, we’re into our sixth year now. We started off, just I was playing gigs around town. I had a three-string guitar I have. I was in grad school at the time. I couldn’t afford a proper resonator so I made a lunch box guitar out of a lunch box I had when I was a kid. Made that. I bought five shirts from the craft store. Made a few of those

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Please Aggravate Me: Is Gamifying Customer Service a Reality

Brands could reward customers with coupons, miles or points for their ‘waiting on hold’ time investment. Something like what TopGuest is doing for hotel guests – rewarding customers when they check in to properties – or how Virgin America’s Elevate program rewards their customers with miles by checking in when they arrive at the airport.. 3 Ideas for Gamifying Customer Service

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How to Survey Your Audience

At the end of every survey, you could include a coupon code or ask customers to fill in their email addresses to be entered into a raffle. Walmart, for example, gives out …

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How to Build a Thriving and Profitable Affiliate Program

It's a very serious, major undertaking, which I'm sure you probably get frustrated with sometimes, that people make it seem like, "Oh, just give them a coupon code." Alexis T.: Oh, I mean, honestly I feel so grateful to work with my team at ConvertKit and my CEO, Nathan, and my bosses.

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How Marketers Can Gain the Trust of Tech-Savvy Consumers

1. Tell Your Whole Story. Consumers increasingly distrust corporations. The more openly and transparently your brand can approach consumers, the more trust you’ll be able to build. Build your company’s blog around your company’s best practices — especially concerning how you’ll be using the metrics and information you collect from landing pages and other data-capturing means.

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How HarperCollins Christian Publishing Maintains an Active

Sure. First off, thank you, guys for having me on the show. This is a wonderful thing. Absolutely love it. Social media is a fantastic thing. Like you said, I've been a social media manager at Harper for five years. I help manage five different brands within our Bibles department. Two of …

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Is Your Brand Guilty of These Annoying Marketing Tactics

Absolutely. We are out of time. This has been the first rebranded Pardon the Marketing episode, and I think this was a fun one. We got to get a lot off our chests, really rant, rate quite a few different areas. I’d love to hear what our listeners feel about some of these areas. So if you were following along, again, use the hashtag #conex.

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7 Tips to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing

When you send coupons or promotional mail through the post, make sure instructions for SMS opt-in are printed on it. SMS. You can also send a text asking if they wish to opt in: “Get access to 6 (Company Name) texts per month for SMS-only discounts. Text 1234 to Opt-in.” [contextly_auto_sidebar] 7. Focus on Your Best Clients

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Is Starbucks the Most Dangerous Competitor to Facebook

Imagine a Starbucks patron is reading a review in the free version of the New York Times about a Chardonnay and suddenly their iPhone buzzes. A text coupon arrives in your mobile inbox and you are offered $5 off a wine purchase of $20 or more from a local wine purveyor. The coupon has a timed code and expires in 3 days, nudging you to act.

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Whew-A NOW Revolution Thank You

We ended up in more than 35 cities, and met many thousands of people trying to find a way to make social media about something bigger than coupons and Twitter. Hopefully, we helped in that endeavor. From Victoria, BC to Montreal, and from San Diego to Boston, I’ve spent most of the past 150 days criss-crossing the continent (and even Europe

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Are You Ready for the Opportunity Economy

Named One of Arizona’s Top 25 Restaurants by Arizona Highways Magazine, show this message for a discount on an appetizer.” Imagine owning a restaurant, and then sending a staff member to the adjacent restaurant, where he or she would stand in the bar area and offer coupons to patrons.

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The More Things Change, The More Things Change

Swix Adds Facebook Tracking. Speaking of Facebook, our friends at Swix, the incredibly nifty Canadian social media tracking and reporting service, have managed to wade through the ever-shifting tides and add Facebook fan page metrics.. This was an item requested by approximately 125% of Swix’ customers, and the company was finally able to pull it off.

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How to Turn Video Content into Conversions – Content

The first electronic television was introduced to the world 90 years ago. Right off the bat, everyone knew it was love at first sight. Fast forward to the present day, and video content is projected to account for more than 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic.. That being said, it seems like every brand on the market is pulling out the stops to invest in video content as a prime

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Huggies Case Study: How to Elicit Natural Storytelling for

To find the right sharers of their Hugs Delivered video, Kendra and her social team placed the video on YouTube and Facebook and incentivized sharing of the video through offering coupons for …

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Where These Top Ten Marketing Trends Are Heading in 2019

2019 Marketing Trends. The Content Experience Lightning Round Edition returns! In this special episode, co-hosts Randy and Anna take a look into the upcoming year and discuss the top ten content marketing trends and where they might be heading.. With only two minutes to discuss each topic, Randy and Anna rely on their combined expertise to cut right to the heart of each marketing trend and

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Trident Integrates Social Media with Print Ads

I might have preferred the call to action be to visit Trident on Facebook, where they have more than 250,000 fans, and are using a nifty coupon app to give you 75 cents off your first pack of the new gum.. The ad also includes a QR code in the bottom left (which I snapped with my nifty Microsoft tag reader).Doing so also takes you to the Twitter account.

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4 Fresh Trends in B2B Social Campaigns

Consumer brands spent the early years of the social boom using campaigns to collect likes, create conversation, and distribute coupons. Meanwhile, B2B marketers sat on the sidelines waiting for social campaign technology to deliver against their more sophisticated needs. In the B2B space, having people follow you is not enough.You have to go beyond likes and simple conversations.

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How to Boost eCommerce Sales with Instagram

7. Ask Influencers to Share Promo Codes. After you have found the right influencers for your brand promotion, you can ask them to share promo codes for your products in their posts. This will increase the engagement of their audiences, which will in turn maximize your …

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