No Sunday Coupons – 4/17/22

No Sunday Coupons – 4/17/22. in Coupons You Can Use. —. April 15, 2022. Easter, Passover and Ramadan all converge this year – but whichever one you celebrate, you’ll be doing it without any coupons this weekend. This is typically the time of year when the coupon insert publishers take a weekend off, so there won’t be any coupon

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Shoppers Want Coupons

They’re turning to digital coupons, which are now the number-one coupon redemption method, representing a third of all coupons redeemed. 67% of the shoppers …

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For Sale Online: Vaccine Incentive Coupons

And anywhere coupons are sold, there’s a risk that the coupons could be counterfeit. It was something of a novelty when Target last month became the first major …

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Battle Over Control of Owner Quotient Heats Up

in Coupons In The News. —. March 28, 2022. The man who founded has announced plans to retire. And the company’s most vocal critics aren’t …

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The Real Reason Hobby Lobby Killed Its Coupons

The issue is that certain items, like furniture and fabric, are always “on sale” at 30% off. For most stores that 30% discount would mean you couldn’t use any other coupons …

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The End of Printable Coupons

in Coupons In The News. —. October 28, 2020. SavingStar is still with us, for now. But, as expected, has updated its app with a slew of SavingStar-style cash-back …

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Total-Purchase Coupons: Divine, or Disastrous

So both offer frequent store coupons for “$5 off a $25 purchase” (there’s one available as of this writing, in the “coupon center” of Dollar General‘s website, as well as an …

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Pizza Chains Use Coupons to Push Online Ordering

Twice last year, you could take advantage of Domino’s coupons for 50% off your online order, and Domino’s also recently offered coupons for $5 off a future online purchase. …

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Now You Can Get Coupons You Never Knew Existed

New Printable Coupons – 5/15/22 3 days ago Sunday Coupons – 5/15/22 4 days ago “Digital Blinkies” Are Showing Up On Shelves All Over 5 days ago Here’s Where to Shop …

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Counterfeiting Coupon Mom Ordered to Repay $2,100

But McNichol isn’t off the hook yet. While awaiting the resolution of the counterfeit couponing case, McNichol apparently couldn’t resist going shopping with even more bogus …

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Points for Coupons: Target Introduces New Loyalty Program

You may already print out Target coupons, subscribe to digital coupons via text, search Cartwheel for percent-off discounts, and use a REDcard to get 5% off all of your …

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Coupon Counterfeiter Sentenced in $33,000 Walgreens Scam

“At the request of Flint,” the complaint goes on, Foster created fraudulent mobile coupons for $25, $50 and $100 off gift cards, and sent them to Flint in private messages via …

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When Coupons Cross the Line From Savings to Spam

Coupons in the News features daily news stories and information about coupons, grocery shopping and saving money. Read about the latest trends in couponing, get some …

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Walgreens Changes Its Coupon Policy

in Coupons In The News. —. July 26, 2021. Next time you use coupons at Walgreens, better behave yourself. Otherwise, your store might refuse your coupons – and …

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Couponing During the Coronavirus: It's Bad, But

According to Kantar’s figures, 2019’s total coupon distribution figure was down 11% from 2018, which itself was down 12% from 2017. So you can blame the coronavirus …

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Fired Cashier Offers Cautionary Tale About Catalina Coupons

Kathy Gizowski’s tale began in 2011, when she took two discarded Catalina coupons offering $20 off any purchase in exchange for filling a new prescription at the …

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Sorry For the "Illegitimate" $75 Coupon, Here's a

California Baby recently began offering a referral program for dedicated customers, as a way to help them “earn discounts”. One of those discounts was a coupon code for $75 …

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Dollar Tree Does Coupons

And that will make it possible to get a number of items for free, if you play your cards right. This Sunday, Dollar Tree is advertising products like Softsoap, Advil, Post cereal …

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Is This the Worst Coupon Ever Printed

Instead of doubling or even tripling the value of cents-off coupons, some stores have been known to “round up” the value to an even $1. So a 75-cent coupon becomes a …

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Coupon-Busting Company Wants You to Pay Full Price

April 7, 2022. Ok, so maybe doesn’t technically want you to pay full price. But it doesn’t want you to engage in “nefarious behavior and coupon abuse” either when …

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Banana Republic Accidentally Offers Coupon For $50 of Free Stuff

But a $50 off a $50 purchase coupon at Banana Republic turned out to be completely legitimate yesterday – at least for a little while. Right at the top of the Banana …

Category:  coupon codes Go Coupon Chief Predicts the Demise of Coupon Inserts

Now, he’s suggesting that this could be the beginning of their end. In a call with investors last week, Quotient CEO Steven Boal reiterated the statement he first made last fall …

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"The Numbers Are Not Great": Coupon Use Sinks to Historic Lows

And that was certainly the case last year. The total number of coupons redeemed in 2021 also declined more than 11%, to 865 million coupons. That’s an alarmingly far cry from …

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RetailMeNot Accused of Running "Fraudulent

In a case that could send a chill through the online coupon code industry, a retailer has sued the country’s largest coupon code provider, because it doesn’t want its …

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Toys "R" Us Accidentally Gives Couponers Half Off Everything

Then there was a coupon code offering 15%, 20% or 25% off. But, to borrow a phrase from the late, lamented Consumerist, the retailer seems to have forgotten how the …

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Accused Serial Coupon Counterfeiter Arrested at Walmart

Altogether, over at least 13 visits, police calculated that Thomas used 4,572 counterfeit coupons in 451 separate transactions, paying just over $1,000 for more than …

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Study Says Coupon Fraud Is On the Rise

Over the summer, the skin care company California Baby offered members of its referral program a coupon code for $75 off a $75 purchase. But the coupon code wasn’t …

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What Happens When Your Coupons Suddenly Become Worthless

Sports Authority, like Kohl’s or Bed Bath & Beyond, issued so many percent-off coupons, that most people knew never to go shopping there without one. But once a retailer …

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One Of Your Coupon Inserts Gets a New Look And a New Name

The name change became a necessity after Vericast sold the online coupon code site RetailMeNot last fall. has been around in one form or another, off and on, for …

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"I'm Going to Prison Over Coupons": Is

I started taking coupons (that I’ll use on a different shopping trip) off the packages because ALOT of stores advertise the sale price and include the attached coupon…For …

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New Peelies Won't Destroy Product Packaging

Coupons in the News features daily news stories and information about coupons, grocery shopping and saving money. Read about the latest trends in couponing, get some …

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Coupon Company Declares the Death of Printable Coupons

February 9, 2018. It’s difficult to pinpoint the precise birth date of internet printable coupons, though several online sources declare 1995 to be the year the first true print-at-home …

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One of Four Accused Target Coupon Counterfeiters

Police, and Target, believe the men were driving from store to store to pull off their scheme. Investigators say they would use fraudulent coupons to obtain merchandise, …

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