Curb Stomp City Decals - HOLIDAY SALE!

Discounts for when you purchase: $20-$29.99- You get 7% off your final total. $30-$39.99- You get 10% off your final total. $40-49.99- You get 20% off your final total

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Discounts for when you purchase: $20-$29.99- You get 7% off your final total. $30-$39.99- You get 10% off your final total. $40-49.99- You get 20% off your final total

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Discount coupons – Ecwid Help Center

You can offer your customers a percentage (10% off), fixed value ($5 off), free shipping, and a combination (a discount plus free shipping) on products and categories. Coupons are unique codes that customers can enter at checkout and get a discount on their purchase. A discount code can be a combination of letters and/or numbers or a word.

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Enter Cheb1st for 5% off orders over $19.99. Cheb1stplus

REPEAT CUSTOMERS, RECEIVE 10% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE WHEN YOU USE COUPON CODE CHEBELOYAL. Enter Cheb1st for 5% off orders over $19.99. Cheb1stplus for 10% off orders over $49.99 and Cheb1stpremium for 15% off orders over 99.99. First time customers only. Chadian Hair Secret

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Setting up discounts – Ecwid Help Center

Discount coupons. A discount coupon code is a secret code which a customer can use to get a discount when making a purchase. Discount coupons are very flexible in Ecwid. They can be used for free shipping offers, percent and absolute discounts. You can limit them to certain products, categories, and number of uses. Further reading: Discount Coupons

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Premium Wine Carryout Inventory - Ecwid

Look down below for 10% off coupon code for 6 or more wines!!! Sweet or Dry, Red, White or Rose', we have wines for your needs at home. Pick up your favorite Della Viti Premium Wines to bring home! Just the thing for sipping at home and sharing with loved ones. Pick some up today - Premium is our Standard! You can now pay online and pickup curbside !!

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Discount Coupon - Ecwid E-Commerce Forum

Shipping cost 23 euros, and the 10% coupon code depends of course on the amount of the purchases. So, can they use 2 coupons ? (one would be for 23 euros, and the other one, 10% of the sale amount) How can it work out ? There is only one field for coupons. I am not very clear about the difference between coupon and discount.

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Icing Cakes: ONLINE CLASS! NEW LOW PRICE (down from $35!)

Join our "ICING CAKES: ONLINE LIVE CLASS". When you purchase this class you are receiving a LIFETIME class membership. You are welcome to watch the replay of your LIVE CLASS whenever you want, as many times as you wish! Our icing class will teach you OUR methods for achieving professionally iced cakes from start to finish. Watch our FULL PROCESS in real-time as we thoroughly explain every single

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Customer groups – Ecwid Help Center

Spend $1000 or more and get $100 off. Discounts based on customer groups apply to all products in the cart. If you want to offer discounts for certain products only, consider using discount coupons. You can create a coupon that is limited to a particular category or certain products only and email the coupon code to the members of a group.

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How One Passionate Home Decorator Got Her Entire Family

Jess, her parents, and her husband found themselves in Woodstock Rustic one by one. This home decor studio evolved from her garage part-time pastime into a fully equipped online business, with products featured in The Washington Post and HGTV Magazine. Here's what worked and what didn’t for this family-first team on their way from zero to success.

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Seth's medicines

FIRST ORDER DISCOUNT: Use Coupon code "LOVE" for 10% OFF your first order (one use per customer) Customer phone support: (407)-793-3100 call or text Customer email support: [email protected]

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