Which Store Cards are Worth it for the Coupons

In addition they send out 15 or 20% off coupons that do work for any brand and that is hard to beat. Also sometimes they will have specials where if you make any amount purchase in a specific department you will automatically get 4 coupon cards. Split up the transactions and cha-ching.

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Kohl Credit card worth apping for

By stacking 30% off coupons, discounted gift cards, and cash back, kohls cash, and yes 2 rewards you can get some amazing deals. Yes this is very true. I can use up to 4 Kohl's Cash, Coupons, discounts, and gift cards. Plus some months, shipping is free for cardholders online. I just bought a $45 backpack for my classes for only $15 after all

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Do you apply for store credit cards to get discoun

I opened my Target card because I'd just turned 18 and wanted credit (but this was when they still offered a 10% coupon vs. 5% everyday). Nowadays I just use it for the 5% off. I opened the Gap card for an extra 15% off, haven't cancelled it though. I get all sorts of additional % off for having/using the card + GE just doubled my CL to $8k.

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Rewards better then Kohl's CC I'm all ears

What I love most is back to school and holidays, you can always stack at least 4 coupons as long as they are for different percentages off and you're not purchasing mostly clearance items. Then couple that with Kohls cash, you can get some deep savings. Everyone probably knows I …

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Retail Card

They send more % off coupons once you have the credit card too, haha. They pulled Transunion. If you're more of a Walmart person, go for Walmart. They have a thing currently where if you apply and use your Walmart card the same day, you get a $25 statement credit. Just go for whatever card suits your needs.

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CSP is awesome!!!!

I went to the UR mall and they have a 10x points promotion on Kohls plus another 15% off coupon code. I ended up buying $2100 worth of suits, ties, shirts, pants, shoes and a new watch. I paid less than $1550. With that spend I had enough points to get a BA flight from London to Rome. I checked on the BA website and that flight would have ran

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Spur of the moment decision and it worked out

My last purchase was a pair of running shoes I got for pretty cheap because they were on clearance and I had an extra 50% off clearance coupon code. Message 3 of 15 1 Kudo

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KOHLS what a joke

The damage is already done. You have the inquiry for 2 years and the new account ding. Canceling the card won't make that go away and its age will still calculate in your reports for 10 years after closing. May as well enjoy the 30% off coupons if you do shop there and at least let it report as a $3000 closed line rather than $300 if you close it.

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BJ's PreApproved

They send $ off coupons every month on select items, accept manufacturers coupons and have accepted their own expired coupons. From time to time they will also send $ off coupone on your total bill. Their prices are competitive to any other local warehouse store. I was a Sam's Club member for over 15 years and dropped them when I was being

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Kohls closed account charge off Pay or Let Drop Of

Owe $268, closed acct, last payment May 2011- noted as in collections/charge off..notes: charged off as a a bad debt, profit and loss write off. It helps my average age of accts if still on, so wondering if paying it off would be better so it'll stay on a few extra years.

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Lowe's 10% off with card

Or look around for coupon codes. I save at least 10% on every online Lowes order from coupon code, 3% or so from portals, and 7% or so buying discounted gift card with quick emal delivery. So by buying online with in-store pickup it is far better than any in-store savings.

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Just got a $10 off $30 Kohl's coupon from Capital

Kohl's allows you to use multiple coupon codes-so you might have Kohl's Cash, Reward $, free shipping, and a 30/20/15% offer all at the same time. Kohl's is one of my favorite stores because of the sales on Ralph Lauren stuff and Mudd. Plus alot of times you can get the Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, and Keurig products on sale plus an additional 30% off.

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MyFico coupon code to purchase TU score

Re: MyFico coupon code to purchase TU score Your TU04 score is likely a little lower than the one here - I don't know what the cutoff point is, but my TU98 score is 708 and my TU04 score is 712. However, I believe it was Shane on the mortgage boards who said that the trend is that lower scores tend to have TU98 higher than TU04 and the opposite

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30 % Off Deal..How Do I get It

for SW I would get deals including 30 % off additonal products (Trans quarter) . So today I decide to use the deal and see the very same price it was before I signed up for the SW. Another thing..why does myFICO even bother to have that coupon entry when there are NO COUPONS out there ? I can't answer that.

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Online Macy's Application

I disagree. I applied online for a Macys card last November. My credit score was in the low - mid 600s. I received a $400 CL instantly. I have received tons of coupons, % off, etc. I am not displeased with them at all.

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Just got a $10 off $30 Kohl's coupon from Capital

Re: Just got a $10 off $30 Kohl's coupon from Capital One. How often does Cap 1 send out retail offe Well Cap 1 owns the Kohls credit card so that may have something to do with it.

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Victoria Secret paid my bill for me

ROFL, OK so the title might be just a tad misleading. You see, I had some coupons and stuff to use at Victoria Secret and I wanted to put some usage on my card, so I ordered a couple of little things and used up my coupons. When it was all said and done my order totaled a whopping $0.58 and I …

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Re: Samsung Pay

Last year the rewards redemptions were insanely lowered around Christmas time so I made out with a bunch of free/discounted Samsung stuff since you could get a $50 off coupon code for for some ridiculously low amount of points (ended up with two free wireless chargers, one of them portable power banks, a couple of free 128 gig SD cards, gear vr for ~ $10, and $50 off an SSD drive

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Closed Kohls

I keep it because of the 30% off coupons with use of the Kohl's charge. I put quite a bit through it during Christmas. You get to keep the 30% coupon as long as it hasn't expired (usually at least a couple weeks) - so I will put $300 on the card - go pay it off at the store the next day and do it again if I have more than $300 worth of items

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closing my Kohl's card

The coupons that are only valid with the Kohl's card make it worthwhile for us to keep. Their prices only make sense when there is a sale AND you have % or $ off coupons, and the Yes2You Rewards and Kohl's Cash also help.

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Macy's or Kohl's or Target.

Wanted to ask those who hold one or two or all three of these cards if they are reaping all the benefits from the card versus someone who does not have the card. I know that Macy's and Kohl's promote additional savings for card holders and Target gets the 5% back on Target purchases. I …

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NEW! Discover it NHL Card

Thanks, ordered my NJ Devils card. As for the 10% bonus, it applies to all Discover cards. It isn't a new added bonus just for the NHL cards. I think they're doing this to promote their partnership with the NHL. They've always had that 10% off coupon code.

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TransUnion Credit Report Discount Code 20%

just found a coupon code for TU CR: edited 20% savings, save 3.99 off the 19.95 price. Works as of 2/3/2012 Unfortunately discount codes cannot be posted within the forums unless that code came from myFICO's homepage or promoted on the forums by myFICO. Feel free to google "myFICO discount codes

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TXU energy Charge Off

EQ 787 EX 781 TU 737 11/17/07 *** I am not an attorney. If I was, I might not clip coupons. If you want legal advice, consult an attorney. If you want my personal opinion, feel free to consider my posts***

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With a 520 score can i get a credit card

I use it all the time. Plus I got two 20 percent off coupons when I opened JCRew card. Used them both when they had 30 percent off sales. Updated my wardrobe pretty cheaply, I wanted a Target back in January and they turned me down. I think they have a good program as well with five percent off on everything. .

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Kohl's cli

Lol I missed that you were the OP of the thread 😂😂 Download the Kohl's app if you don't have it already. In the wallet you will likely find 20-30% off barcode coupons

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Kohls Charge Card Approval Odds

Congrats! The Kohl's card is great if you shop there since they do send loads of 15-20-30% off coupons to cardholders which can be combined for nice savings, especially if you hit them during savings on things you want (which is the time to shop there as they can be overpriced otherwise), even more at times when they're giving out Kohl's cash (it can all be combined into some decent …

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Best Buy Visa is Pretty Fantastic

But in addition to sending me several 10% off coupons, and a $10 off coupon, they've had many promotions to earn bigger rewards on spend outside of Best Buy, like 3% back on grocery spending, and for the months of September through year's end, they are offering a whopping 10% back on pharmacies and drug stores, and 5% back on Wholesale clubs.

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Best Buy Gold Reward Zone MasterCard

I guess you need about a 750 score for an actual BB card, otherwise they offer the card you referred to. This card is not affiliated with BB (outside of the Rewards program which sends you coupons for money off after aquiring points, about $1000 for $20 off) and is actually financed by HSBC.

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Macy's or Kohl's or Target.

I started out at $300 then pressed the CLI button as soon as my account was 6months old and they upped me to $700.. If you spend more than $600 you get 18 percent off coupons a year along with Birthday rewards.. Kohls is issued by Capital One if that is of interest, I know some people are biased to certain lenders.

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Well Fargo Dillards DENIED!!

They're always sending us 10% off coupons and occasionally mailers for 20% off. Still expensive.. As far as the Macy's Store -> Macy's AMEX, Will it be a new TL? Yes, it will be a new TL. Macys Amex got its own credit lines. You use it as Amex cards if used outside the Macys store. Macys Amex acts as Macy Card if used inside the Macys.

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Kohls CLI

And the electronics you cannot use coupons on. I'd stick to Target for electronics and small appliances they have the 5% off plus accept coupons plus have a special couponing app (Cartwheel) plus they price match. For kohls I mainly buy clothes or jewelry. Their list of excluded brands to use coupons on is pretty extensive.

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Check Valpak for Chase Banking Offer

Chase's checking/savings offer that vanished off their site last Sept or so was in the Valpak envelope I opened today. Up to $600 bonus -- $300 for opening Total Checking and setting up direct deposit; $200 for opening savings and maintaining certain balance; $100 extra for doing both. Invite code

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Question about Discover shopping portal

ShopDiscover also has coupons listed there that you can use at some retailers as well. Here are a couple examples. 20% off clearance for Women, Men, Juniors and Kids - Kohl's (+ 5% cb from ShopDiscover + regular 1% cb from using your Discover card.) $10 off %50 purchase - Office Depot (+ 5% cb from ShopDiscover + regular 1%cb from using your Discover Card.)

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How to rebuild with low income

Even with my Express store card, if I dodn't purchase anything for a few months, I get very little drop-dead offers, but the very month I purchase a $40 shirt, low and behold, I get $5 off coupons, 50% Member Only coupons and so on. I dodn't mind greasing the palmsof the card issuers, if they like-wise do the same for me.

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Re: Capital One Walmart cards launching Sep 24th

Plus if you regularly write reviews (I do) they give out lots of treats -- candy, fruit, lunchbox treats, plasticware, bottled water for the ride home, etc, etc. Then there's the $10 off coupons, offers for free delivery, and excellent complaint management. I'm a fan. I was happy with the 3% off

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I know many people don't recommend store cards but I really want a Kohl's account. I have kids and I like to use the 30% off coupons when I buy them clothes. I'm trying to decide if I should bite the bullet and apply for one. My BK was discharged …

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Pier 1 Imports Rewards Credit Card

Total for everything is $789.70 but with the 20% off I could save $157.94 which is a nice chunk of change. I have the cash to pay if off as soon as I charge it but I want the savings. I'm going to think about it some more and weigh my options on the hit before I do it.

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Best Buy Visa is Pretty Fantastic

But in addition to sending me several 10% off coupons, and a $10 off coupon, they've had many promotions to earn bigger rewards on spend outside of Best Buy, like 3% back on grocery spending, and for the months of September through year's end, they are offering a whopping 10% back on pharmacies and drug stores, and 5% back on Wholesale clubs.

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Help! Lowes app rejected, told me to apply again

I applied online for a Lowes card on 4/22. On 4/26 I received an email saying I was rejected because they could not verify my identity (Which I'm pretty sure is because I just moved). I called and they said to go to a store where they could verify me and they would be able to reprocess it. When I

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Got approved for Firestone Store Card!!

Starting limit $900. 1 inquiry on my TU report at time of app from the previous January. 6 months promotional financing, great coupons and 5% off all purchases. It really is a great builder card cause u generally get decent limits for low scores, no AF and they report regularly to all three.

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Lowe's Business Card

3x points for restaurants/travel on CSR and 1.5x redemption for travel means those categories are worth 4.5%. USAA Limitless is 2.5%, so CSR is 2% better in those categories. To off set $90 over the year with 2% savings is about $4500 a year in travel/restaurants, or $375 a month.

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Kohls Card

The interest on the account at 2% a month for 3 months is still cheaper then buying with another card because I get 30% off stackable coupons after I carry a balance. If you PIF they send you 10% off.

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Dave Ramsey Ticks Me Off

Re: Dave Ramsey Ticks Me Off I'm in a couple of FB groups for stay home dads and MOST commonly posted questions are about coupons, smart shopping & general budgeting/finance. EVERY SINGLE TIME I explain how I leverage credit+PIF to maximize cashback and rewards to get anywhere from 4 to upwards of 20% on practically every single purchase a

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topic Just signed up with My Jewelers Club and New Coast

But many of you have given good reviews saying that when signed up, everyone is approved for $5k. Well I can confirm this, I signed up yesterday paying the member fee. I was even sent a coupon code ‘ comeback10’ by them taking $10 off the $99 fee making my sign up $89.

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to use and will end up paying off loan in shorter time than original loan with Chase. By the. way I had just joind NFCU end of Aug, applied for and received Flagship Visa cl ( 16,000) Platinum. MC cl (3000) and NAV Check LOC cl ( 15,000) so I didn'i mind giving them my business

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Dell financing

A couple of years ago, they gave me $2000 on a very thin file. At 29.99%. They gave me six months interest free. I took it, bought a lap top, paid it off in six months, bought an MP3 player, paid it off

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Chase charge off question

in 2011, i had a checking account charge off that didnt report to my credit report (it may but i didnt see it at the time) when i want to open a checking account online, it tells me to pay before i could continue. I went into a branch today to handle it. the banker called a department and told me

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topic Re: Capital One Walmart cards launching Sep 24th in

Then there's the $10 off coupons, offers for free delivery, and excellent complaint management. I'm a fan. I was happy with the 3% off. The extra 2% is gravy. Re: 5% Cash Back with Cap One Walmart Mastercard. Thing is that between Discover, Freedom and Navy Member Mall, and grocery pickup are covered at 5% for most of the year

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