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Coupon rate financial definition of Coupon rate

Coupon rate. The coupon rate is the interest rate that the issuer of a bond or other debt security promises to pay during the term of a loan. For example, a bond that is paying 6% annual interest has a coupon rate of 6%. The term is derived from the practice, now discontinued, of issuing bonds with detachable coupons.

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Coupon clipping financial definition of coupon clipping

Coupon Clipping. The practice of finding discounts on consumer goods such as groceries. One presents pieces of paper representing these discounts (called coupons) to receive the discount. The coupons are cut out of ("clipped" from) a periodical such as a newspaper or magazine. These coupons should not be confused with the coupons on bonds.

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Cut-off date financial definition of cut-off date

Cut Off Date 1. In property law, the date at which an unclaimed security or other property is turned over to the state in which the last known owner was last known to reside. See also: Escheat. 2. The date a discount, sale, or other especially lowered price on a product or products expires. 3. The last day of a month in which a bank calculates the

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Cut-off rate financial definition of cut-off rate

After a long period of waiting, the business circle has finally seen the cut-off rate on the Bank Indonesia Promissory Note (the SBI) decline to 29.99%, a level below 30% which Bank Indonesia had promised would happen by the end of May 1999.

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