Gifts Better than Toys Highlights for Children

Encourage your child to do the research and use the coupons wisely, say, to select a restaurant to visit, a way to spend a day, a spot for a family outing, a movie to watch, a night to stay up late, or the main course for dinner. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For some young kids, the ultimate gift is a memory that lasts a lifetime.

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25 Acts of Kindness For Children to Try Your Chlld & You

Clip coupons together. Help your parent find those items at the market. Pitch in: Have everyone help clearn up after a giant family dinner, BBQ, or holiday celebration. Read a book together or start a family book club. Plant a flower or vegetable garden together. Learn something new as a family. Collect food and canned goods for a local food bank.

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34 No-Fail, Cool-Down Tips for Wound-Up Kids Highlights

Hugging a family member or a pet. Pushing on a wall. Going upside-down: Do a handstand or a downward-facing dog. Singing (or yelling!) Dancing. Taking a hot bath. Getting a massage: roll a tennis ball on your child’s back, neck, and shoulders, or use a golf ball to stimulate the pressure points on the bottom of his feet.

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Handmade gifts rock! They move the focus off the money and put it on thoughtfulness. Encourage your kids to think creatively about what they could make that a loved one would cherish, and then provide the necessary supplies. It might even be an opportunity for them to learn a new skill, such as knitting, scrapbooking, or even songwriting.

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Got a game player in the house? Give a classic like Candy Land (3+), Trouble (5+), or Parcheesi (7+), along with coupons that guarantee your spot at the table as an opponent. You might enhance the package with a book like Who Was Milton Bradley? When you acknowledge a child’s passion, you affirm her individuality—a big esteem booster.

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What Grade-School Kids Should Know About Dollars and Cents

3. Allow for allowance. Coins in a piggy bank are fine, but nothing says “big kid” like dollar bills in a wallet. Decide how much you’re willing to hand over, based on your child’s age and sense of responsibility. Experts usually recommend a dollar for every …

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A Guide to Gifts That Kids Will Love blog.highlights.com

A Guide to Gifts That Kids Will Love. When my sister Ursula turned one, our mom, Madeline, bought her a big, red plastic ball. It cost ninety-nine cents and delighted her more than any other gift she received. For years my mom has told friends: “When your child (or grandchild or niece or neighbor) turns one, get the big plastic ball.”.

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