The Pros & Cons Of Using Coupons For Your Business

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Coupon Definition

Coupon: The annual interest rate paid on a bond, expressed as a percentage of the face value.

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Coupon Rate Definition

Coupon rate is the yield paid by a fixed income security, which is the annual coupon payments divided by the bond's face or par value.

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Discount Definition

Discount: In finance, discount refers to the condition of the price of a bond that is lower than par, or face value. The discount equals the difference between the price paid for a security and

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Promotion Expense Definition

A promotion expense is a cost companies incur to market their products or services to consumers. Companies engage in promotion expenses in order to …

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Discount Margin—DM Definition

Discount Margin - DM: A discount margin (DM) is the average expected return earned in addition to the index underlying , or reference rate, of the floating rate security. The size of the discount

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Strip Bonds Definition

Strip Bond: A strip bond is a bond where both the principal and regular coupon payments--which have been removed--are sold separately. Also known as a "zero-coupon bond."

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Original Issue Discount – OID Definition

An original issue discount (OID) is the amount of discount or the difference between the original face value and the price paid for the bond.

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Step-Up Bond Definition

A step-up bond is a bond that pays a lower initial interest rate but includes a feature that allows for rate increases at periodic intervals. The number and extent of the rate increase, as well as

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How to Open and Access an Offshore Bank Account

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Current Coupon Definition

Current Coupon: The to-be-announced (TBA) mortgage security of any issue for the current delivery month that is trading closest to, but not exceeding par …

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How to Calculate PV of a Different Bond Type With Excel

The bond provides coupons annually and pays a coupon amount of 0.025 x 1000 ÷ 2= $25 ÷ 2 = $12.50. The semiannual coupon rate is 1.25% (= 2.5% ÷ 2).

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Scrip Definition

Gift cards, reward points, and coupons are popular examples of scrips. Understanding Scrips In a broad sense, the term scrip refers to any type of substitutional currency that replaces legal tender .

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Will Corporate Debt Drag Your Stock Down

The greater the short-term assets compared to liabilities, the better off the company is in paying off its short-term debts. Debt-To-Equity Ratio:

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Interest-Only Retirement: Can It Be Done

An interest-only strategy can work for those who posses excess capital. Let's stick with our previous scenario of $1 million saved for retirement earning 6% annually. If your supplemental income

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Coupon Stripping

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Introduction To STRIPS

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4 Basic Things to Know About Bonds

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12 Tips for Retiring With Just $50K Net Worth

Cut even more expenses. Maybe eat out only once per month, use more coupons, look for deals, and don't go on that expensive vacation this year. The Bottom Line .

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Ex-Coupon Definition

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Zero-Coupon Bond Definition

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The Best Prescription Discount Cards for 2021

The discount card offers up to 80% discounts on generic drugs and up to 40% off brand-name drugs. Amazon’s discount card works at 50,000 pharmacies nationwide.

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Quantity Discount Definition

So, if the per-unit cost for the coat company is $10, the company makes a $10 profit on every single $20 sale. However, if the company offers quantity discounts of $2 per coat for orders of five

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How Mail-In Rebates Rip You Off

How Mail-In Rebates Rip You Off. FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN By. Full Bio. Bobbi Dempsey 18+ years of experience as a writer. She has written …

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Coupon Bond

Typical bonds consist of semi-annual payments costing $25 per coupon. Coupons are usually described according to the coupon rate. The yield the coupon bond pays on the date of its issuance is

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Debt Tender Offer Definition

A debt tender offer is a public solicitation to a company's bondholders requesting that they sell back their bonds or debt securities at a specific price and during a certain timeframe. Companies

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Yield to Maturity vs. Coupon Rate: What's the Difference

The yield to maturity (YTM) is the percentage rate of return for a bond assuming that the investor holds the asset until its maturity date. It is the sum of all of its remaining coupon payments. A

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Buying a $1,000 Bond With a Coupon of 10%

These bonds typically pay out a semi-annual coupon. Owning a 10% ten-year bond with a face value of $1,000 would yield an additional $1,000 in …

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How Does an Investor Make Money On Bonds

Making Money From a Coupon-Paying Bond. There are two ways that investors make money from bonds. The individual investor buys bonds directly, with …

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Bond Coupon Interest Rate: How It Affects Price

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Bond Valuation Definition

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What is a stripped bond

And the purchaser of the coupons will pay $200 to receive $250, meaning they make $50 off the purchase. By providing this investment service, Ben's would receive a commission on the sale of these

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Advantages and Risks of Zero Coupon Treasury Bonds

Lisa Smith is a freelance writer with a passion for financial journalism, contributing to popular media outlets like Investopedia and Bloomberg BNA. Zero-coupon U.S. Treasury bonds are …

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How the Kohl's Credit Card Works: Benefits and Rewards

Kohl’s often offers cash-off coupons, such as $10 off purchases of $30 or more. These may be combined with other discounts, as well as Kohl’s rewards programs.

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The 7 Best Debt Reduction Software Programs of 2021

The average household carries more than $9,000 in credit card debt. These debt reduction programs and apps help people craft a plan to dig their way out of debt once and for all.

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Callable Bond Definition

The company uses the proceeds from the second, lower-rate issue to pay off the earlier callable bond by exercising the call feature. As a result, the company has refinanced its debt by paying off

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Off-Chain Transactions (Cryptocurrency)

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Bond Yield Rate vs. Coupon Rate: What's the Difference

Coupon Pass: The purchase of treasury notes or bonds from dealers, by the Federal Reserve.

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3 signs that it's time to sell your bonds

Expand. 1. Interest Rates Set to Rise. 2. The Issuer Seems Unstable. 3. The Market Price Is High. Investing can be tricky, even when it comes to so-called "safe" investments such as bonds. When a

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Why Structured Notes Might Not Be Right for You

A structured note is a debt security issued by financial institutions. Discover why structured notes might not be the best option for an investor.

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Zero-Coupon Mortgage Definition

Zero-Coupon Mortgage: A form of commercial financing in which regular interest and principal payments are deferred until maturity, rather than …

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How Are Savings Bonds Taxed

Understanding How Savings Bonds are Taxed . The ownership of the bond governs who is responsible for paying tax on the interest. If one person purchases the bond and is …

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UK Companies with the Best Shareholder Perks

Owning just one share of Moss Brothers Group (LON: MOSB) allows the shareholder to receive a 20 percent discount on purchases. The London …

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Who Are Groupon's Main Competitors

Groupon Inc. has had a tough go of it since its initial public offering (IPO), as competition in the online retail and coupon space has heated up.The company went public at a price of $20, but as

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Simple Math Terms for Fixed-Coupon Corporate Bonds

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Paydown Definition

Paydown occurs when the amount a company or government repays in debt exceeds the amount it currently borrows. A paydown takes place when a company reissues unpaid debt for less than the initial

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Here's What Happens When a Bond Is Called

Then, the borrower decides to retire the bond. If the call premium is one year's interest, 10%, you'll get a check for the bond's face amount ($1,000) plus the premium ($100). In relation to the

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On-The-Run Treasuries Definition

Off-the-run Treasuries are those that have been issued before and remain outstanding. A Treasury transitions from on-the-run to off-the-run once a newer set of Treasuries is released for sale. How

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