Coupon Rate Definition

A coupon rate is the yield paid by a fixed income security, which is the annual coupon payments divided by the bond's face or par value.

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Voucher Definition

A voucher is a document recording a liability or allowing for the payment of a liability, or debt, held by the entity that will receive that payment.

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Promotion Expense Definition

A promotion expense is a cost companies incur to market their products or services to consumers. Promotion expenses range from giveaways, free samples, or other promotional gimmicks in order to

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Voucher Check Definition

Voucher Check: A two-part combination of a check and voucher. Also known as a remittance advice, the voucher details the reason for the payment by the issuer of the check. The recipient of the

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Quantity Discount Definition

So, if the per-unit cost for the coat company is $10, the company makes a $10 profit on every single $20 sale. However, if the company offers quantity discounts of $2 per coat for orders of five

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Unearned Discount

Unearned Discount: Interest that has been collected on a loan by a lending institution but has not yet been counted as income (or earnings). Instead, it is initially recorded as a …

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Step-Up Bond Definition

A step-up bond is a bond that pays a lower initial interest rate but includes a feature that allows for rate increases at periodic intervals. The number and extent of the rate increase, as well as

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Cash Discount Definition

Cash discounts are deductions that aim to motivate customers to pay their bills within a certain time frame. A cash discount gives a seller access to her cash sooner than if she didn't offer the

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Current Coupon Definition

Current Coupon: The to-be-announced (TBA) mortgage security of any issue for the current delivery month that is trading closest to, but not exceeding par value. TBA mortgage securities with the

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Buying a $1,000 Bond With a Coupon of 10%

These bonds typically pay out a semi-annual coupon. Owning a 10% ten-year bond with a face value of $1,000 would yield an additional $1,000 in total interest through to maturity. If interest rates

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Discount Definition

Discount: In finance, discount refers to the condition of the price of a bond that is lower than par, or face value. The discount equals the difference between the price paid for a …

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Original Issue Discount – OID Definition

An original issue discount (OID) is the discount in price from a bond's face value at the time a bond or other debt instrument is first issued. Bonds can be …

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How to Calculate PV of a Different Bond Type With Excel

The bond provides coupons annually and pays a coupon amount of 0.025 x 1000 ÷ 2= $25 ÷ 2 = $12.50. The semiannual coupon rate is 1.25% (= 2.5% ÷ 2).

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What Is the Effective Interest Method of Amortization

The effective interest method is used to discount, or write off, a bond. The amount of the bond discount is amortized to interest expense over …

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How the Kohl's Credit Card Works: Benefits and Rewards

Kohl’s often offers cash-off coupons, such as $10 off purchases of $30 or more. These may be combined with other discounts, as well as Kohl’s rewards programs.

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Accounts Receivable (AR) Discounted Definition

Accounts Receivable (A/R) Discounted: Outstanding invoices representing money owed to a creditor which the firm/creditor sells to a buyer for less than face value , …

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The Basics of Municipal Bonds

The most basic strategy for investing in municipal bonds is to purchase a bond with an attractive interest rate, or yield, and hold the bond until it matures. The next level of sophistication

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Treasury Bills (T-Bills) Definition

A Treasury Bill (T-Bill) is a short-term debt obligation backed by the U.S. Treasury Department with a maturity of one year or less. Treasury bills …

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Yield to Maturity vs. Coupon Rate: What's the Difference

The yield to maturity (YTM) is the percentage rate of return for a bond assuming that the investor holds the asset until its maturity date. It …

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Zero-Coupon Convertible

Zero-Coupon Convertible: A fixed income instrument that is a combination of a zero-coupon bond and a convertible bond. Due to the zero-coupon feature, the bond pays no interest and is issued at a

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What is a stripped bond

And the purchaser of the coupons will pay $200 to receive $250, meaning they make $50 off the purchase. By providing this investment service, Ben's would receive a commission on the sale of these

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Paydown Definition

Paydown occurs when the amount a company or government repays in debt exceeds the amount it currently borrows. A paydown takes place when a company reissues unpaid debt for less than the initial

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Reinvestment Rate Definition

Reinvested Coupon Payments . Instead of making coupon payments to the investor, some bonds reinvest the coupon into the bond, so it grows at a stated compound interest rate.When a bond has a

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Zero-Coupon Mortgage Definition

Zero-Coupon Mortgage: A form of commercial financing in which regular interest and principal payments are deferred until maturity, rather than paid over the course of the loan. While the coupon

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An Introduction to Convertible Bonds

Key Takeaways. Convertible bonds are corporate bonds that can be exchanged for common stock in the issuing company. Companies issue convertible bonds to lower the coupon rate on debt and to delay

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Duration and Convexity to Measure Bond Risk

The duration of a zero-coupon bond equals time to maturity.; Holding maturity constant, a bond's duration is lower when the coupon rate is higher, because of the impact of early higher coupon

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Advantages and Risks of Zero Coupon Treasury Bonds

Zero-coupon U.S. Treasury bonds have a poor risk-return profile when held alone. Long-dated zero-coupon Treasury bonds are more volatile than the stock market, but they offer the lower long-run

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Here’s how the Firestone credit card works, including

The Bottom Line. As a store card, the Firestone credit card offers cardholders a convenient way to pay for car repairs, maintenance, tires, and other purchases at their many locations in the U.S

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