Marketing Strategy Examples: Know What's Best for Your

Like most things in the business world, if you don’t have a strategy in place for your digital marketing, it can be hard to determine if you are spending time (and money) on the right types of marketing activities.

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How to Write An Effective Promotional Email: The Ins and Outs

It’s important to keep in mind that creating and sending a promotional email is not just about blatantly blasting discount coupons to your email list. In order to actually see results with your promotional email, you need to do it the right way. Or else your email marketing efforts can actually backfire.

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25 Facebook Advertising Statistics of 2019 That Will Blow

A study from Syncapse shows these Facebook advertising statistics – 49% of respondents reported that they like a brand’s page to show their support while 42% responded that they like a brand’s page to get coupons or discounts. This can have important implications for brands who are trying to engage their customers on Facebook.

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How To Acquire More Diners With Restaurant Facebook Ads

Also, you don’t need to stick with posting photos of the foods you offer. You can also show off how great your drinks are. Make an enticing presentation by using unique glass wear and some garnishes. With this, thirsty customers will soon flock your resto. 3. Don’t Settle For Less Than Mouth-Watering Copies

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Internet Marketing Consultant | Increase Your Online

A lead magnet could be a free eBook or a coupon code for example. Take care that your offers will appeal to potential customers at all levels. Place CTAs in strategic areas throughout your site to guide visitors to the lead magnet and encourage the most lead generation.

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7 Effective Ways on How to Get More Quality Email Subscribers

“This is how to save 20% off your next order.” Couple your post with a great image or video to drive traffic back to your landing page. Social Media (paid) Paid social media can help you grow your list faster with more quality leads. It allows you to very specifically target certain groups of people based upon things like: Buying behavior

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What Is Email Marketing & Why Does My Business Need It?

The promise of email coupons is also an excellent way to get people to subscribe to your email list! Early mornings before people go to work, popular lunch break times, and evenings, when people get off of work, are typically the most successful times to send out out emails.

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What is Remarketing & How Is It Useful for Small Businesses?

Consider offering special coupons and deals for your retargeted consumers. In your remarketing campaign, you will want to offer ads that help you to get to the core of why people abandoned your shopping cart or other conversion page. Coupons or special deals can be an excellent way to bring these people back to your page.

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Social Media Marketing 101: The Comprehensive Guide to

Take off the advertising hat and put on the personal one. Social media offers you an opportunity to demonstrate your personality to your prospects and let them know the human side of the people behind the brand. You do not want to use it to just promote your brand and products.

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Mobile Website Design: Create Your Own Mobile Friendly Web

Neilsen Group found that 97% of 18 to 44-year-olds own a smartphone. Among the 65+ crowd, you might expect this to drop off. But a staggering 68% own them. This is almost everyone. Only slight gaps exist among gender, race, and income. For 50% of people in the US, the smartphone is the first thing they reach for upon waking.

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36 Email Marketing Ideas to Increase Business Revenue

A subject line is the bread and butter of grabbing your email subscriber’s attention. However, a well-worded preview text can bring them in even further. Ensure your preview text doesn’t get cut off in your subscriber’s inbox by keeping it short and to the point. Make sure your website design is functional.

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