What Happens to Credit Card Debt After Your Spouse Dies

After the death of a spouse, the only credit card debt the surviving spouse is generally responsible for is debt from joint accounts. The deceased’s estate pays for all other debt.

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10 Best iPhone Coupon Apps to Save You Money - Money Nation

Users can save coupons by category and share them via SMS and social media. The app prints coupons and alerts the user to nearby deals without excessive battery drain. It claims to deliver over 100,000 coupons and is one of the best organized iPhone coupon apps out there.

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How to Save Money with Best Buy Student Discounts

Many will knock an additional $20-30 off you purchase price if you buy a qualifying printer or gaming accessories at the same time. You can get this savings in the form of instant savings, but they can sometimes be redeemed as a rebate or future coupon code. Manufacturer’s Savings

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How to Get Apple Student Discounts - Money Nation

Best Buy sometimes offers as much as $100 to $150 off sales prices on Apple products for college students. Students need to register for the discounts and then wait for the store to send coupons as they become available. These deals can double Apple’s stock student discounts. Even sweeter, they stack on top of Best Buy’s existing sale prices.

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How to Save Big Money: 107 Ways to Save Money Now - Money

Commit to getting packages monthly and save from 5% and up, including coupons on the initial purchase. A year of diapers and wipes can cost upwards of $1,000 a year. 5% off that will save parents $50 or more. Amazon Mom offers 20% off on diaper subscriptions, boosting the savings up even more. Homeowners: Check for Free Mulch

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Cost Savings Archives - Page 2 of 2 - Money Nation

Fans are kicking it off early Madden style with the release of the blockbuster video game Madden NFL 16. Clipping and saving coupons saves money, but traditionally wastes a ton People Who Use Cash Spend Less: How To Trick Your Brain into Saving Money. Tom Gerencer Aug 17, 2015.

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13 Solid Ways to Save Money on Moving Costs - Money Nation

This page has lots of 20% to 25% off deals on moving truck rentals for different reasons and groups, like personal rentals, business rentals, AARP or EMT and more. For discounts on moving with Mayflower, check out RetailMeNot’s discount page by clicking here.

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What Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost? - Money Nation

Just ask! Others will gladly give a percentage off if you can pay with cash versus charging on a credit card or making payment arrangements. Inquire about what they can do to help bring the bill down. You might get financing options available in limited situations, as well. Wisdom Teeth Extraction Coupons and Sales

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The 7 Best Ways to Find Lego Cheap - Money Nation

It’s important to note that Amazon likes to list the MSRP as the actual price of the LEGO sets, then appear to discount them deeply. Be sure to compare the prices on Amazon with retailers and don’t assume that 15% or 30% off really means it’s the lowest-priced alternative. One way to buy LEGO cheap from Amazon is to sort by discount.

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18 Big Ways to Save Money at Amazon - Money Nation

The program costs $99 a year. In addition to free two day shipping and all the other perks of Amazon Prime, it also offers 20% off on diaper subscriptions. Read: 5 Ways to Save Big Money on a Baby. 16. Become an Amazon Student. Amazon Student is just a way for students to sign up for Amazon Prime for 50% off. Like Prime, the program saves

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5 REAL Ways to Save Money on Alcohol - Money Nation

It won’t save money on liquor or booze, but it’ll save on beer and wine. With the app, you just aim your phone at the receipt as you exit the store. Your phone bings, and off the app goes to search nearby store specials. In 48 hours, it notifies you if it found anything cheaper.

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