Perennials For Sale

Nature Hills offers perennial plants that prefer full sun, partial shade, full shade and much more. Use the filters on our site to select options such as color, seasonal blooming, size, and deer resistance. Choose perennial plants that are hardy in your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone.

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Clearance Garden Plants

Fragrant Mountain Sweet Box Zones: 6-9. As low as $34.99. Lynwood Gold Forsythia Zones: 5-8. As low as $18.99. Belle of Georgia Peach Tree Zones: 5-8. As low as $139.99. Santa Rosa Plum Tree Zones: 5-9. As low as $149.99. Anthony Waterer Spirea Zones: 4-8.

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Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree

If you are searching for an absolutely stunning focal point in your landscape, you need to look at this best-selling tree form Chinese Blue Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis).. Usually, Wisteria is a fast-growing vine. You may have seen this vine artistically draped over sturdy structures adorning castles in Europe, wineries in Napa Valley, or those huge estates featured on Lifestyles of the Rich

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Wine & Roses® Weigela

Wine & Roses Weigela is the perfect choice to repeat as a colorful backdrop for your perennial garden. Include them as a dark foliage element in a mixed flowering tree and shrub border. Plant them at regular intervals for an even display. Or, create unique vignettes with partner plants by …

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Scarlet Halo Peach Tree Buy at Nature Hills Nursery

Scarlet Halo Peach (Prunus persica 'Scarlet Halo') is noted for its splendid flavor and scarlet-colored flesh. Plant this tree near a window where you can enjoy a daily view of your scrumptious fruit as it ripens on the branches. Bred for its fine, very sweet flavor and …

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Lilac Bushes for Sale

Early blooming Betsy Ross Lilac and Pocahontas Lilac start the season off right! You'll love the scent, and the storied celebration of their strong women namesakes! Late-blooming James Macfarlane Lilac is exceptionally cold hardy to Zone 2, and can even put up with windy waterfront locations. Named for a bold Canadian explorer, this is the

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Emerald Green Arborvitae

Use them to gain some privacy near your patio, or to screen off an unsightly view. They fit beautifully in tight spaces, such as along garage walls, along the driveway, in side yards and on the border of your property. If you need a solid screen quickly, simply plant them close together every 3 or 4 feet.

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Arborvitae Trees for Sale

Show off your designer style by starting a collection of these easy-care plants. Use them throughout your landscape, including as an anchor in your foundation planting for a consistent element that requires little care. Solve Your Tough Landscaping Challenges.

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Large Trees For Sale Nature Hills Nursery

Shop the best online selection of big tree species, including Elm, Oak, Poplar, Maple Sycamore and more. Nature Hills Nursery carries the most diverse and unique group of large tree species. Shop big trees, through a big selection and save today!

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Apple Trees for Sale

Morning sunlight dries the leaves off quickly. Good air circulation also helps keep fruiting tree foliage healthy. Well-drained soil is important, as Apple tree roots don't like standing water. Create a planting mound with extra soil mounded to 18 inches high and three feet wide to improve drainage.

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Nature Hills Nursery America's Largest Online Plant Nursery

The vertical leaves will start off as a dark green shade, but by the time fall has rolled around, a burgundy red will engulf this grass fully. We wonder where it got its name! This native is normally used as a border in garden plantings, but it will stand out in mass plantings too. Driveways, ponds and porches are all great choices for planting

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