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Dimensions: 20" W x 20" L x 32" H. Carpet colors and textures may vary slightly. More Details for sku 130087. Base 20" X 20". Floor to base of top perch is 27"H. Sisal Wrapped post is square with each side measuring 5.5" Wide. Circular Perch measures 17" Diameter and 4.5" in height. 3/8" Unoiled Sisal Rope is used.

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Cat Tower Deluxe Cat Tower by New Cat Condos

Middle Perch: 29" (Off The Ground) 15" L X 14" W With 3" Lip Cat Scratching Post: 40.5" H With 27" Of Sisal Rope Cat Tunnel Perch; 43" ( Off The Ground) 12" Round X 17" L …

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New Cat Condos Wood Constructed Large Pet Stairs

Subscribe now to receive discounts, coupons, promotions, product launch information, free giveaways, and much more! Home. Featured Categories. All Products . My little girl Olivia loves her new steps. I bought these to ease her way on and off

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Premier Triple Cat Perch New Cat Condos

Crafted from solid wood, household grade carpet, and natural sisal rope. Comes in five available colors: Beige, brown, blue, green, and gray. Dimensions: 20" W x 20" L x 32" H. More Details for sku 110029. Base 20" X 20". First Cat Perch: 20"Lx14"W 9" off the ground With A 3" Lip. Middle Cat Perch: 16"Lx14"W 21" off the ground With A 3"Lip.

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New Cat Condos Round Triple Cat Perch

Our Round 33†Triple Cat Perch has been designed to accommodate all of your busy kitties' needs. This attractive piece will be welcomed by your Kitty as soon as she sees it! It features three perches that are perfect for lounging! It also features two scratching posts. Both posts are wrapped with sisal rope and help promote healthy scratching behaviors and nails.

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Maine Coon Cat Tower Prestige Cat Trees

Our Prestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat Tower was designed for Extra Large Cats, Large Cats and households with multiple cats. One of the most common inquiries we get at Prestige Cat Trees is what our recommendations are for large cat breeds or specifically the Maine Coon.

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Large Cat Trees New Cat Condos

Subscribe now to receive discounts, coupons, promotions, product launch information, free giveaways, and much more! Home. Featured Categories. Large Cat Trees . Large Cat Trees . We have been making cat trees for over 35 years right here in the USA! Our dedicated team handcrafts each piece of furniture with care and pride.

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All About Cat Condos

Cats are naturally curious creatures and they have needs and desires just like we do. Providing them with a place to sleep and relax is often something we don’t really think about since they seem to find these places all on their own. However, your cat will often show signs of being bored or discontented with their surroundings after they have explored enough places …

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Stairway Cat Perch New Cat Condos

From floor to bottom of top perch is 28.5". Lower Cat Perch is 14.5"W x 20"D. Top Cat Perch is 20"W x 15"D-Great size for Large Cats. 2 posts with 12" of unoiled sisal rope. At New Cat Condos we strive to provide you with Quality Cat Furniture at affordable prices! Availability/Shipping: Ships via UPS Ground Service.

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Cat Scratching Posts

Any person with a cat, or any person who has been around cats at least, knows they have a tendency to scratch on things. Furniture is a huge point of interest when it comes to sharpening their deadly little claws. They want to rip into things and continue to strengthen them for quite awhile. Most owners find this act rather dreadful and annoying because of the cost for …

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Prestige Cat Trees Staggered Cat PlayTower-Cat Tower

Description. Our Prestige Cat Trees Staggered Cat Playtower is a multi-functional piece of cat furniture. With several staggered spacious perches this cat tree was designed to put activity back in kitties daily routine. After they get their exercise they also will be able to lounge on their perch and gaze out the window or over their kingdom

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The Many Benefits of Posts for Cats

Your cat is a natural climber and how many times have you found your favorite feline on top of the sofa, in the window sill, perhaps even making it to the top of the dresser or shelf? Cats love to climb and allowing them to fulfill there natural instinct by getting them a cat post will bring them years of entertainment that is safe for both your cat and your furniture.

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Cat Tree-New Cat Condos Carpeted Solid Wood Cat Tree Tower

This amazing cat tree contains three perches all of which are round cat beds measuring a spacious 16 inches. This cat condo is perfect for multiple cats! This kitty tree also features a huge sisal rope scratching post, three large carpeted scratching posts, and three round cat beds with small lips on them for safe and easy access for your family pet. This is a sturdy well built cat …

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Cat Poles for Every Cat

You may have noticed that your cat likes to climb things, whether it is your furniture, a tree or perhaps even your own person. This natural instinct that cats have towards climbing has led to the development of cat poles which allow your kitty to fulfill their natural instincts in a manner which is safe for both them and your furniture. Cat poles come in a wide …

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What To Consider When Looking For In Quality Cat Furniture

When you're thinking about what kind of quality cat furniture to get, think about what your cat enjoys doing most. Most likely he or she is a scratcher. And undoubtedly sleeping is a favorite past time. Play time is part of every cat's day, no matter how young or old.I've yet to meet a cat who doesn't love to sleep. And if there's a ray of sunlight to be found shooting into …

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Cat Litter Box Enclosure

The box is sturdy and will still contain litter pretty well. I did line the whole box with heavy duty plastic (cut up construction bag) in case urine sprays a bit. This will protect the particle board box and the plastic can be changed out if necessary. So far, I'm happy with the box, even with the lid off for now anyway.

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Why Every Cat Needs a Cat House

Normally, the term “cat house” may invoke connotations that do not necessarily involve cats, but having houses for your cats will help them gain them an extra sense of security and belonging in your home. You can find cat houses of all different shapes and sizes which will provide many hours of enjoyment for your special kitty as they explore their new home.

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Clipping Your Cats Nails

Although you may love your weekly mani/pedi, cats are not so thrilled to get their nails clipped. To make it less of a fight it is important to start the process when they are young. If you start young they may sit placidly in your lap, but there are those that will need to be restrained. To restrain a cat in your lap, use your forearms draped over the cat's …

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Cat Furniture Reviews

The cats love the condo, I knew they would, it is perfect, just what I was looking for and so easy to assemble. They are still a bit leary of the krinkle tube but a bit of cat nip and it is inticing. I will continue to look at the site and pass on to all my animal lover friends that you are a great company to do business with. I bought a "condo" from you at your warehouse a few …

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Why Cats Need a Cat Enclosure

Finding the right type of cat enclosure will bring your special kitty years of fun and entertainment. Whether you have had a cat for years or have just brought a new kitty into your home, a cat enclosure is one way to make them feel more at home and provide them with a place to play and relax. Cat enclosures come in many different sizes and many feature scratching …

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Why Is Stability Important In A Cat Tree

Because if you are about to spend $150 on a cat tree that wobbles or tips over your cat will never use it after that first time. Cats are very finicky about these things and will never go near at item that they associate as having a bad experience about.This is especially true is a cat tree is wobbly or unstable. Your cat trusts you to be sure that the new piece of furniture is to …

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