How to Cross-Post to Instagram From Your Facebook Page

For as long as Instagram has been around, users—especially marketers—have wanted the option to upload to Instagram via the desktop. We often have files saved on our computers for photos and visual content, making it easier to upload the content directly from the desktop rather than having to transfer the content to a mobile device first.

Actived: Tuesday Jul 7, 2020


Boost Posts or Promoted Posts on Facebook: Which is Better

You can turn off the Friends of Fans Boosting in your Ads Manager. If you dive deeper into the stats on this ad, the ad received 12 post likes from friends of fans, which essentially is a waste of money. Those people are not connected to your page and will never see your posts again (unless you boost a post to them again and they happen to see it).

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Will Groupon Really Boost Your Local Business? : Social

Groupon has been hailed as the new miracle advertising tool. It has also been accused of being a ruthless corporate giant, preying on the ignorance of small businesses. Since its inception in November 2008, Groupon (think social media meets coupons) has transformed the way local businesses promote their products and services. How does it work? First, you agree to become a featured business on

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Facebook Messenger Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know

She said, “Because you’re a subscriber and have messaged us in the past, we would like to give you a coupon code to save $500 off your ticket.” Listen to the show to discover some of the options we think are coming to Facebook Messenger ads.

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5 Ways to Generate Leads From Snapchat : Social Media Examiner

Snap 1: “We’re giving 50% off all purchases today, all you have to do is find the hidden coupon code online.” Snap 2: “The page the coupon code is on is … [answer to the following question].” Snap 3: “Here comes the question…” Snap 4: “What was Elvis Presley’s middle name?”

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How to Use Facebook to Market Your Products : Social Media

If a customer continues not to buy, he or she receives a 15%-off coupon after 75 days and then a 20%-off coupon after 90 days. With a discount ladder, your goal is to offer the smallest coupon needed to complete the sale. If you can get someone with the 10%-off coupon, that’s the best-case scenario.

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4 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Engagement With Promotions

For example, “Like our Page to access this 40% off coupon” is one method commonly employed on deal tabs. Other app offerings include sharing a post on your Facebook news feed or sharing a post on a friend’s timeline in order to access the deal.

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How to Advertise on TikTok : Social Media Examiner

Turn Smart Optimization On or Off. TikTok offers an option called Smart Optimization, and if it’s enabled, your bidding will be constantly adjusted and optimized to increase conversions. If you choose Click or Impression as your goal, it’s best to switch off Smart Optimization. #5: Design Your Ad Using TikTok’s Video Creation Kit

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Facebook Promotions: What You Need to Know : Social Media

Are you thinking of running a contest or promotion on Facebook? Have the rules imposed by Facebook confused you? Look no further. This article will provide an in-depth look at Facebook's promotional rules. The Tricky Rules Running a contest on Facebook is a powerful way to generate buzz, increase engagement, boost your fan count and build your email list. But Facebook has rigorous rules

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4 Successful Influencer Campaigns You Can Model : Social

Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington collaborated with thousands of influencers on Instagram to post images along with a caption that included a discount code for 15% off Daniel Wellington watches. The artist even went so far as to create a drawing of one of the company’s watches intertwined with one of his signature galaxy drawings.

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5 Ways Social Media Can Increase Your Revenue From

Coupons such as $25 off a $100 purchase are aimed at increasing the amount spent at each purchase. Why do they work? In consumers’ effort to get to a $100 purchase, they tend to spend more. This works well for product-based companies, but what about service industries?

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