How do I apply coupon code calculation in Cognito Forms

That's not quite correct - you need to enter the code for calculation when you're building the form - once you add the Price field, on the builder, look for an Amount field on the left side and enter the code there. You'll see that once you do this, it will calculate correctly. Share. Improve this answer. answered Sep 14, 2015 at 8:40.

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How do you apply a discount code to the entire order …

I am creating a form for ordering an unlimited amount of a customized product (as shown in the picture). I am trying to create a Discount Code (ANT20) that will take 20% off of the ENTIRE FORM TOTAL (not per item since the amount of items created is endless).

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How do I check my promotional credit with Amazon

Click the Credit Redeem page. Click the "Enter Your Code" button. It will bring up a dialog with almost all your credit balances. Visit this NoRushCredits link to see your Your No-Rush Reward Balances and when they expire. (Includes Digital Rewards and Prime Now Rewards) The Amazon UK site has an equivalent page with a "Check your balance" button.

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Please recommend a Content Management System (CMS)

If you use coupon code diggnation you can get 10% off for the lifetime of your order. There is also a video of diggnation talking about squarespace. Share. Improve this answer. Follow edited Jul 23, 2010 at 14:57. answered Jul 23, 2010 at 1:24. drye drye. 1,110 8 8

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Amazon MP3 Credits, how do I find out if I have them …

When you visit Amazon, you can check the promotional credit by clicking into any MP3 details page (for example).Under the shopping buttons there is a link that says Redeem a gift card or promotion code & view balance.. Your promotional balance and any gift card balance you have will be displayed separately in the resulting window.

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Unique Code Validation in Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms does not currently support database lookups. However, we are actively working on a feature called Dynamic Webhooks that would provide this exact functionality. You would still have to maintain the database of codes yourself (possibly just a Google spreadsheet) but would be able to have the form perform custom validation of codes …

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Average in Cognito Forms

In cases where the input type cannot be clearly defined but the input is to be treated as a number you can actually force the calculation to evaluate the input as a number. So in your scenario where you have 2 radio list choices and you want to average the numbers. Instead of this: = (A + B)/2. Try this instead:

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How to calculate the Relative Rate Index based on data collected …

Since I am not an expert on RRI calculations, let me state a few assumptions about what you are asking: The Arrest Rate for each ethnic group is defined as the number of arrests for that group divided by the total population of that group.. The Relative Rate Index is the ratio of arrest rates for two different ethnic groups.. In this case, let's also assume that the RRI is the ratio of arrest

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Why don't work function onEdit(e) when using Zapier

I created a chatbot that using Zapier (through Webhook and JSON) for sending to my Google Sheet a name and a phone of user and Apps Script must generate a coupon code automatically. I used function onEdit(e) and it works when I manually enter the text in Google Sheet but when I using the chatbot in not works.

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Leave request form (same date entry shows zero)

Say the employee is taking 9/8/16 off and proceeds to put in start date as 9/8/16 and end date 9/8/16, the result is 0 from this calculation: = Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and

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Using Cognito Forms Calculation to show a date in the future that

Date Calculations in Cognito Forms are extremely powerful and can handle most types of date calculations with enough effort.. The following answer assumes you have an OrderDate field that represents today's date, and are calculating a DeliveryDate that is three business days in the future.. You can calculate three business days from the now using this …

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How does Facebook know where I live

Coupons you used; Information on your profile such as your job; Comments or messages by you or someone else containing a city, region or even local business So Google on a desktop gets your EXACT location even though location is "off" on the phone.I get it, I guess. But how Facebook knows is the the alarming question

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Questions tagged [cognito-forms]

How do I apply coupon code calculation in Cognito Forms? I'm trying to create a 10% price reduction coupon in my form. I have followed the instructions carefully, using a Price Field named Discount.

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How do I conditionally return different value from a Cognito Forms

You can write conditional calculations in Cognito Forms in two ways: Use if condition then true result else false result; Use condition? true result: false result; In your case, let's assume you have two number fields, Number1 and Number2.In this case the calculation would be:

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